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BitwiseCode Technologies is a leading provider of innovative digital solutions, specializing in WordPress development. With a focus on performance, security, and design, we empower businesses to thrive online. Our expertise ensures seamless website experiences tailored to your needs.

BitwiseCode: Crafting Beautiful and Functional WordPress Websites in Bangladesh

BitwiseCode, based in Bangladesh, specializes in designing and developing fantastic WordPress websites. Our skilled team focuses on creating websites that look good and work well on all devices.

At BitwiseCode, we believe that web design is more than just coding – it's about building a business core that behaves beautifully. We're a flexible and innovative team, capable of enhancing existing resources to prevent losing mobile visitors due to poor mobile design.

Our top priority is delivering unique and clean websites. The BitwiseCode team works tirelessly to ensure that our clients are not just satisfied but 100% happy with their websites.

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BitwiseCode Technologies is a wordpress web design agency

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Our Quality Work

Quality work, this is our only investment. We always do this and will always be doing. We will do work that surely meets your expectation

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Deadline! This is the thing we never cross. We take our time and always maintain the delivery time. So, you don’t worry about the deadline.


We work for our customers. So, customers satisfaction is the most important thing to us. It’s not about money it’s all about their satisfaction.


Completed over 800+ projects including website design, development, fix issues and maintain websites.

Project Understanding

We understand your idea and expectations. We will work according to your idea and give better suggestions.


We are patient and dedicated to our customers. We will give unlimited revision to ensure your expectation.

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