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Load image when scrolled in view

load image when scrolled into view

Images, videos, and embed elements are the main obstacles when you want to speed up your website. Images make the webpage heavy more than anything else. You may upload the images by optimizing. But when you add a lot of images on a page, it will make the web page heavy.

Today we will talk about how we can load WordPress website fast by load image when scrolled into view method. All the big website like facebook, google, and others use this method.

Normally, when we browse a website it loads all the images, contents included in the website. But in this method, the only images will be loaded that is in the view. All other images will be loaded when you scrolled into view or load Images on Request.

All you have to do is install and activate a plugin. There are many good plugins in WordPress that do the same job. We tried some of them and get the best result with BJ Lazy Load.

Install and activate the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository. Go to the plugin options page from Settings > BJ Lazy Load. You will see the options like the image

You can apply the option to content, images, iframes and other things. If you don't want to skip any image to have this option just add the class of the image in the Skip images with classes field.

Hope this method will increase the page speed of your WordPress website. There are many other things to do increasing page speed. We will write about them one by one in details.  Please comment your experience after using this method. And ask any questions if you have.

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